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Billy Spencer

I can't say I have a ton of Variant comics when it comes to DC and Marvel.But whenever I see one that is gonna come up and has some pretty cool art to it,I can't help to hop on and grab a few.

The latest Variants I obtained were a couple of the Bombshell Variants DC put out recently.But coming October DC is at it again and getting in the Ghouly spirit and offering some spooktastic covers.

First up we have Wonder Woman # 35 by Aaron Lopresti

Personally I love this cover with the Nosferatu's as Wonder Woman's army of Vampires with the Castle in the background and full moon.Oh and lets not forget about Igor,gotta love that little guy.Love the cover and how it expresses to me a powerful Wonder Woman,the colors are really great too.

Next up we have Action Comics #35 Cover by Jason Pearson

This is also a pretty good one,great for zombie lovers in my honest opinion.What can I say? Love me zombies...even if they seem to be over saturated at the moment.But in this picture we seem to have a half brain dead zombiefied superman,and since he is not living he feed off of kryptonite? Pretty cool,rather him eat that than a human brain...Then again.We also see his costume is torn and skin is peeling off a bit,supes has seen better days.I also like the detail put in when it comes to lose of hair,his heat vision seemingly unstable and also what appears to be the bite wound that made him into the undead.

Up next we have another Superman variant.Superman #35 by Jason Pearson.

While this one is pretty rad in alot of places it is kinda abstract to me,which is cool.I find it pretty awesome that superman is this huge looking eight eyed beam monster from another dimension.The bleeding "S" symbol on his chest which seems to be stitched on him,that is pretty awesome and kinda gives me a Frankenstein's monster vibe.Also the flames of a burning city,and the pentagram looking symbol on his belt with chains surrounding his waist...Ghostrider eat your heart out!

You can not have Horror Month without having a team cover up next is Justice League # 35 cover by Rafael Albuquerque.

This cover itself just speaks to me as lets let our inner monsters take over.You see the Dark Knight as an actual Vampire/Bat hovering over a few of his comrades in a powerful pose.You have Wonder Woman and Aquaman who are thirsting for blood and lastly Superman as a more greenish and more zombiefied character than in the Action comic cover,pretty great.Loving the art style of this one and makes me kinda think of The Munsters.

Next we have Batman & Robin # 35 by Chris Burnham

This one gets me pretty excited because 1. it's Batman and 2. Oh My God Damian.Then again this could be a spoiler for the issue itself which in my opinion kinda not cool,but also if it is just a tease to tug at my heart hope your happy DC Comics you make me miss Damian even more.But it is pretty cool seeing the Dynamic Duo as Mummies,you don't get that alot lately.It is always nice to see an old monster concept and see them us it with new stuff.

Seems like in the picture even as a mummy Damian and Batman are ready to stop some crime,hope they brought enough toilet paper.

Lastly we have Aquaman # 35 by Mark Nelson

Now this cover is something interesting seems like some scientist or Cadmist? dumped Aquaman into the ocean,probably and experiment gone wrong,but man this guy can not get a break.Seems like he is swimming with this fishes and is also half one.Looks pretty great with the fish head they chosen with the small teeth and eyes open,looks like one pissed off fish ready to get some revenge as you see his old suit coming off his body with possibly along with his human skin.

Always love the color when it comes to some variants and this cover for Aquaman has alot,not just blue when it comes to the Sea,but you got some purple,lime green,baby blue,alot of variety.

I don't know about other people,but these variants are pretty awesome.There may be more to come in the following weeks and months,and I hope we get to see one for Harley Quinn,batman,Suicide Squad.Then again I would love for them to show Variants for all the New 52 comics at the moment.


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