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Jerome Maida

Throughout her legendary martial arts/film career, it is no secret that Cynthia Rothrock has inspired millions around the globe. This is particularly true of women, who see her as a woman who broke barriers in martial arts and as one of the first women to kick butt as the lead in films.

One of those ladies who was inspired by Rothrock is Gail Simone, the legendary comic book writer who has written everything from "Action Comics" to "Deadpool" in her storied career, but is best known for writing comics - and occasional animation - featuring strong women, including titles such as "Birds of Prey", "Wonder Woman", "Red Sonja", "Batgirl" and "Tomb Raider".

Simone has stated publicly that Rothrock was an idol of her's growing up and that her portrayal of Black Canary in "Birds of Prey" was based in large part on Rothrock.

For Rothrock, the admiration Simone has for her is a two-way street.

"Well", she told me, "It blew me away when (I learned) Gail was a fan, because I think her work is phenomenal."

"She definitely writes about strong women", Rothrock continued. "I would, someday, totally love to work in some capacity with her - because..the respect that she has for me is mutual (to the respect) that I have for her."

So the most prolific martial arts/action movie heroine ever is interested in the most prolific writer of comic book heroines ever to pen one of her adventures! The mind boggles at the possibilities and the unbelievable levels of pure awesome that would come from such a collaboration!

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