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Jerome Maida

Many in Hollywood were surprised when the film, "The Martial Arts Kid", reached it's Kickstarter goal of $150,000 in early June, right before filming.

One of it's stars. Don "The Dragon" Wilson, was one of them.

"I do feel a little surprised about hitting the goal", says Don Wilson. "Pleasantly surprised, to be sure. But still surprised, because as a businessman, this is the first time I've ever experienced someone putting so much as a penny's investment in a film without expecting a financial return on their investment."

Don Wilson says his slight surprise at "The Martial Arts Kid" hitting it's Kickstarter goal was in no way a reflection of his faith in the film, which is co-headlined by fellow legend Cynthia Rothrock, or it's story - both of which he feels are strong.

"The film's message is a good message", says Don Wilson. "It's an anti-bullying message..using 'Might for Right'. That is the basic theme of the film."

"I believed that there would be a positive response, don't get me wrong", Don Wilson continues. "I did not KNOW we were going to raise $150,000."

Don Wilson says the money raised by Kickstarter is in addition to the funds "The Martial Arts Kid" has received through traditional investors - but that the added funds will allow for a better, more unique film.

"The main thing the Kickstarter money (did) was allow us to shoot scenes in Cocoa Beach, Florida - which is significant", says Don Wilson. "First, because the film is supposed to take place in Florida. Second, because Los Angeles has been shot out. Every nice area in LA has been shot in multiple times."

Don Wilson says he admires the work his brother James Wilson, who is producing the film along with Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan, has done in both reaching the Kickstarter goal and putting the film together.

"We had a dream of being able to shoot (a good chunk of) the film in Cocoa Beach and I'm still pretty amazed that people helped make that happen and feel gratitude", says Don Wilson. "I'm proud of my brother."

"He felt enough confidence to make this happen", Don Wilson continues. "He raised that money. I'm very proud of my brother - but still a bit surprised."


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