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Nothing better than a movie or television show that completely takes me out of reality.
Matthew Culp

Routh has been cast to play The Atom/Ray Palmer in Arrow season 3.

Many will say that 2006 Superman Returns was an abomination. The film directed by Bryan Singer (XMEN DOFP)did really well at the box office, but did not bode to we'll with DC fans.

Some might blame Singer, some Routh but we have to be honest with ourselves. The film looked beautiful and Routh nailed the mediocre script he was handed .

To give Routh a second chance at a DC role is just unbelievable. I am looking forward to seeing him on the show.

In my honest opinion he deserves this role, he is a great actor who was cast out by many for the failure of Superman Returns. To have DC accept him back into their universe makes this fan respect them even more.

Who knows The Flash got its own show from Arrow. Could we possibly see an Atom tv series as well


How do you feel about Routh coming back to DC?


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