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With Transformers: Age of Extinction currently making an obscene amount of money in theaters worldwide, we can now find out more about the design process behind the movie, including some Transformers which didn't make it into the final cut.

At one point in production, the automobile manufacturer, Polaris, was in negotiations with Paramount to include their vehicles in the fourth Transformers movie. For one reason or another the deal fell through, however not before three new Transformers were created for their products.

Polaris specializes in smaller vehicles, in particular snowmobiles, ATVs and neighborhood electric vehicles. With this in mind, the Transformers would be smaller than their brethren - around 8-10 feet in height. Check out the images and descriptions from conceptual illustrator Michael Hritz below:

This was based on a new version of a vehicle that Polaris makes which reminds me of an angry little gorilla in that it is small but extremely tough with its performance/handling and styling. It was only fitting to make it into one. The transformation is fairly simple: the hood becomes the chest, the wheels become fists and shoulders, the fenders become muscle elements on the thigh and biceps areas, the trailing arms become femurs, the roll cage stays where it is. I figure this would be an Autobot.
This was an alternative to the red angry gorilla design but based on the same vehicle. It is loosely inspired by Demolishor. Trying to keep the same feeling as the gorilla but not so organic (more deception-feeling) so I made it into more of a small tank, armed to the teeth, with an all terrain attitude. For this complex transformation the wheels merge into one "track", the hood and face move into the center with the eyes hanging out on the side to see around the track, the rear fenders become rocket pods and the suspension becomes the inner structure.
This one is a new road-based vehicle that Polaris will release shortly. I tried to make this one contrast the other two by being faster-looking, lighter and using blade weapons. I think it could pass for a Deception or Autobot. The transformation is simple, the front rims become the blades on the hands, the hood becomes the chest, a rear vent feature becomes a hood, the funky drivetrain becomes the spine and "leg".

What do you think of these designs?


Polaris Transformers would have been...

Source: Michael Hritz Art


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