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X-Men Origins - Wolverine, the first in a series explaining how the various mutants got their powers, was by and large a dull, special effects-heavy movie of interest not even to most hardcore Marvel comic fans...

I mean, Wolvie roaring "Noooo" at the sky while cradling his lover's corpse might work as a comic book frame, but it looks pretty embarrassing in a movie, right?

Still, it's not all bad! What we did get from X-Men Origins - Wolverine was some lovely illustrations to accompany the movie. Concept artist Evan Shipard recently posted his own artwork from 20th Century Fox's Origins on his blog, and here they are. They're so good, I'm inclined to think they ease the pain...

The art is awesome. The film? Mmm... Not so much.


Do you equate watching Origins to hugging a feral cat?

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