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It's exactly the news fans of The Walking Dead have been hoping for - at least the one's who're lucky enough to be heading to Comic-Con:

Not only will Norman Reedus - aka Daryl Dixon - be in attendance, he'll be part of a panel discussion relating to his upcoming sci-fi movie Air alongside none other than Robert Kirkman himself.

With the film being produced by Kirkman - who as well as being the original Walking Dead comics scribe acts as a producer on the series - this is obviously fan heaven. What's more, Air itself - a dark, low budget sci-fi set in a post-apocalyptic future - sounds pretty fantastic as well. Reedus stars alongside Djimon Hounsou, with the pair playing what are essentially janitors - but ones safeguarding the last remaining - cryogenically frozen - survivors of a nuclear winter.

All the more reason to head on down to Room 6A on Saturday 26 July, and check out a sneak peek of the movie. And, of course, Daryl Dixon.

[Air](movie:1242927) is yet to receive a release date.


What do you guys reckon? That panel discussion worth catching?



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