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Warning! Potentially - and actual - Walking Dead spoilers to follow. Stop reading if you don't want to jump down the spoilery rabbit hole.

A few days ago we heard rumors that a scene on The Walking Dead Season 5 had been filmed which involved Carol (Melissa McBride) being hit by a vehicle, before being bundled into the trunk by a couple of guys dressed up as cops and then driven away.

Turns out this story was 100% accurate and we've got the set photos to prove it.

Warning, the set images feature instances of mild peril and occasional blurriness:

The person lying on the ground in front of the car is Melissa McBride's stunt double and if you look closely you'll spot a couple of mysterious figures behind the wheel of the station wagon.

The question is, who are they?

It was reported the car was sporting a cross on the back window, so it could be something to do with Father Gabriel.

This guy:

Alternatively, perhaps it was the work of Gareth, the leader of the Termites and all-round bad egg.

Say hello to Gareth:

Of course, it could also be a whole new set of characters we haven't been introduced to you yet. Whisper it quietly, but maybe we're about to be introduced the biggest and baddest of the lot: Negan...


Who do you think took Carol?

(Source The Spoiling Dead Fans)


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