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Remember when Miley Cyrus' dog Floyd was eaten by a Coyote? Well, Miley certainly does!

Making a shrine to her deceased doggy friend just wasn't enough for Ms. Cyrus, so she decided to get the worst tattoo I have ever seen as a more permanent memorial.

Check out the crude scratching if you dare in the Instagram posts below;

I have seen prehistoric cave paintings that have been executed better than this monstrosity, but don't take it from me, check out this direct comparison with the late Floyd instead;

Spot the difference!
Spot the difference!

My mother always told me if I can't say something nice, I shouldn't say anything at all - so let's have a look at some positives before I tear this 'art work' to shreds.


  • Both images have an eye, an ear and a nose.
  • They are both clearly some sort of animal

andddddd, that's all I've got.

I once tattooed a goat on my friends foot with a sewing needle after drinking eight beers, but the result was solid gold compared to this piece of trash. I actually feel quite proud!

The only way I can conceivably imagine a tattoo this bad being created is if Miley used one of Floyd's hollowed out teeth as a some sort of rudimentary needle to really bash his memory into her flesh...

I know she just bein' Miley, but maybe this is a Miley too far!


How much would you have to be paid to wear this tattoo?

(Source: Dlisted)


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