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Allanah Faherty

I'm an animal lover, but this animal is so menacing it deserves its own horror film.

The tufted ground squirrel from Borneo may charm you with its adorable looks but it's hiding a terrifying secret.....These squirrels are real life vampires.

Don't let the cute appearance fool you
Don't let the cute appearance fool you

True to its vampire nature the squirrel is rarely sighted and will hunt deer in the forest, but it's what it does with those defenceless deer that will petrify you...

the squirrel waits on a low branch for a deer to pass below, jumps on its back and bites the jugular vein...Once dead the squirrel proceeds to disembowel the deer and eat the stomach contents, heart and liver

That's right, it bites the jugular and disembowels it.

Well it looks like I'm never visiting Borneo...Who knows when this fluffy murderer will turn on humans.


(source: Popular Science)


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