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UPDATE: Fantastic news, it seems like all of our collective sadness was heard. DC has relented and has officially allowed the Superman symbol to be used. Our voice was heard, well done guys!


Original story begins here:

Five year old Jeffrey Baldwin endured what no child should ever have to when he was murdered by his grandparents. However it's DC entertainment who today have added an unnecessary layer of sadness to this story.

Jeffrey was a huge Superman fan, even dressing up as his hero for Halloween. His father, Richard Baldwin, proudly described him as 'our little man of steel.'

Members of the community were so touched by Jeffrey's story that they fund-raised for a memorial statue to be made of the little boy in his beloved Superman costume, but unfortunately there will be one key thing missing from the statue when it is completed- the Superman logo. The logo that was described by the Man of Steel himself as not just an 'S' but a symbol for hope.

DC's senior vice-president of business and legal affairs told memorial organizer Todd Boyce that they would be unable to use the iconic Superman symbol on Jeffrey's statue 'for a variety of legal reasons'.

Boyce understands DC's point of view but is disheartened by the response saying

It’s the image of a vulnerable boy dressed up as the most invulnerable character in the universe. So I just feel like there’s something lost if we change it.

This approach from DC seems incredibly mean spirited given that young fans like Jeffrey Baldwin are the reason DC continues to be so successful, but sadly it seems like there is little that can be done.

Boyce expects that they will change the 'S' on the Superman shield to a 'J' and that the statue will be completed by the end of summer when Jeffrey's dream of becoming a superhero will be realised.

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(source: Comicbook Movie, The Star)


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