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Matthew Chapman

Maleficent isn’t a sequel, a prequel, a remake or even a retelling but Maleficent’s story before, during and after Aurora’s infamous finger prick.

I didn’t mind this movie, though there were some points were it was a bit crappy.

The costume was amazing but I didn’t really like the mega-defined cheekbones (reminds me of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' album cover).

There are points in the movie were the colours and moods are bright, vibrant and colourful and then others dark, it also looks like a great majority of the movie has been green screened when they could have easily done location shots, which I think always takes something away from any film.

Rather than Maleficent being evil like in Sleeping Beauty, you start to feel sorry for her and you actually start to hate King Stefan in this film.

I love the Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and especially the 3 fairy godmothers but in this film, I couldn’t stand them. In Sleeping Beauty they are happy and playfully banter with each other while in Maleficent, their ‘playful’ banter at most points is actually mean and there doesn't seem to be any fondness towards each other.

It was on okay film. Worth a watch at least once or twice but I probably wouldn’t own it.


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