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Last year the US Army announced that they're developing an exoskeleton for field use, providing soldiers with night vision, protection from gunfire, and enhanced strength called TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit). It's set to have basic life support systems, a computer to help react to certain situations, full body ballistic armor, and some kind of weaponry (though I wouldn't count on it being anything related to repulsor-rays just yet). It's basically a real world equivalent of the Iron Man suit.

To help with developing on this monstrosity, US Army has brought in experts from the private sector Big names like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Raytheon seem to be involved in the project, but they're also joined by some surprising, yet still obvious smaller companies. The Hollywood special effects company Legacy Effects might seem out of place in a military project like this, but from their work with the Iron Man movies they might just be the only ones on this project with experience designing exoskeletons on this scale.

However, the project still has ways to go before it's supposed to be ready for deployment in 2018. In the movies, Iron Man powers his suit with his fictional arc reactor. In real life, the energy needed will have to come from more conventional, and far heavier sources, making it hard to reach the projected weight limit of 400 pounds.

(source: the Verge)


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