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Alice in Wonderland (1951) is a classic as much of a Tim Burton fan i am the live action wasn't the best but still well made. I just prefer the classic animation as it has a lot more to it and a lot more characters which Burton didn't use in his adaptation. Although i am not saying they should be the same but in Burton's film we didn't have characters such as 'The Rose/Roses' or the 'Caterpillar' he's a fun character.

Alice starts daydreaming while her sister is reading her a story, her and her cat spot a white rabbit which they follow into a hole. Alice falls into the hole and finds herself facing a small talking door knob. She enters Wonderland and meets characters like the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse at a tea party along with various other characters that she meets along the way. She comes across the Cheshire Cat who then helps Alice find the Rabbit and ends up at the Queen of Hearts castle. The story ends with Alice waking up from her sleep and going home for tea with her sister and her cat.

Queen of Hearts and Alice
Queen of Hearts and Alice

I know i go on about originals, but you have to admit this film never is to old to watch. I really enjoy watching this film and also Tim Burton's version but i wish if he was to make a sequel to bring back some characters which weren't in his film into his films as they make the film complete in a way. Just want the old childhood memories to come back :D

Who are you?
Who are you?

Check it out if you've not seen the original or which do you prefer if you have?

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