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The Legend of Zelda trailer released at this years E3 saw link atop his horse in what looked a huge, rich and varied environment.

The game's producer Eiji Aonuma was the one to unveil the new Legend of Zelda, and he emphasized Zelda's Gameboy roots, where you found link in a freely explorable open world, with no limits on what you needed to explore first, or how you approached interacting with the environment.

Take a look at the E3 unveiling trailer here:

The Legend of Zelda's Wii U World

Since this release Eiji Aonuma has gone on to further clarify how he sees gamers interacting with the epic landscape of Hyrule, stressing that what will be important in this game will not simply be where you go, but how you get there, and what you plan to do when you arrive:

You always need to make a plan when you’re travelling, even in real life you need to decide if you’re going to drive or take the train, and the decisions you make impact your experience. You could start walking and realise you can’t get to a place by walking so you regret it and learn something, like realising there’s an obstacle that has to be overcome in a different way.

Another thing he said, when asked just how big the world would be, was truly staggering:

In terms of the scale of the new Zelda world on Wii U, I always think of Kyoto as my base

Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, has a population of 1.5 million people. It is impressive to think The Legend of Zelda Wii U approaches that sort of scale.

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Open World, Gameplay Clues?

Look closely at the world of The Legend of Zelda
Look closely at the world of The Legend of Zelda

So what else do we know about the upcoming The Legend Of Zelda. Well, not that much, though thanks to some digging, we can speculate on a few elements shown in the trailer.

If you look closely at the image of Link on his horse, you can see a few elements that may hint at what we can expect from this game:

Firstly, there are a few houses around Link, as well as villagers grazing their goats, and there is a wooden watchtowers by the dark green trees to the left. Could this be the village where Link has grown up, which is about to be thrown into disarray by the arrival of the monster later on?

Further in the distance on the horizon are a number of mountains, including one active volcano. Could this be Death Mountain?

This might be hard to see of the image above, but there is a ravine in the middle distance on the left with an impressive gorge, and below that, a dark forest surrounding a pyramid-like structure that could well be a temple.

Finally, in the centre of the image, between the ravine and Death Mountain, if you zoom in you can see a pale city. Is this Hyrule itself?

Take a look at this video to see all of the above in greater detail!

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So what do you think of the upcoming The Legend of Zelda Wii U? Could it be the best game yet for the Wii U? Do you have any other theories about the details from the E3 trailer? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


The Legend Of Zelda Wii U Looks....

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