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Lost in all the hoopla of funding some guy making potato salad is a Kickstarter that has the potential to be a great film. 10 Seconds to Run, an upcoming joint production between Iyrus Entertainment and iHorror.

10 Seconds to Run is the story of a group of 5 friends – Kelly, Ryan, Staci, Nick, and Riley – driving to an electronic music festival. What was supposed to be a fun road trip ends up being a deadly mistake when they find themselves on a country road without cell and GPS service.

At the same time a father and county resident, John Whiteman, is trying to uncover answers to the whereabouts of his daughter that went missing the day before. The stories intertwine when the group ends up stranded on the country road with a popped tire and no options, except to camp out in the woods for the night before getting help the next day. They make the best out of a bad situation until the next morning when Kelly wakes up and realizes that her friends are gone.

Her friends become victims of a game that a few of the local backwoods residents like to play called ’10 Seconds to Run’. Players have 10 seconds to try and escape and every new game has an added challenge to slow the victim down. The game is part of a bigger scheme perpetrated by the most corrupt and evil resident of the town, The Duke. With their lives on the line the group fights to survive this twisted game. The clock is running down as Kelly and John Whiteman team up to find answers before it’s too late. Will anyone make it out alive?

The director of 10 Seconds to Run, currently in pre-production, is Jake Jalbert, who made his debut last year with the Alex ‘Andy Barclay’ Vincent-penned House Guest. That film was made on a budget of only $3,000 and Jake promises that 10 Seconds to Run – with a budget nearly 20 times the size – will be bigger and better than his previous effort was able to be.

On the acting front, 10 Seconds to Run is jam packed with recognizable faces, including Michael Milhoan (Field of Dreams, Pearl Harbor), Tony Senzamici (Burn Notice) and Rob Mello (Bad Ass), as well as Randall E. Speakman, Danielle Marcucci, Chris Cavalier and Ansley Gordon.

The FX work, which will be entirely practical, is being handled by Derek Garcia and his twin brother Eric. You may remember Derek from Season 3 of Syfy’s hit show Face Off, wherein he became a finalist and nearly won the competition.

Here’s the part where you come into play, and can help make the movie happen.
$50,000 is needed to get 10 Seconds to Run off the ground, to cover things like locations, special effects makeup, editing, sound design and the gear required to build and capture it all. Perks for donating to the cause range from thank you shout-outs on Facebook to an executive producer IMDb credit, with appearances in the film, on-set passes and copies of the finished movie also available.

Head over to the 10 Seconds to Run Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the film, and help fund it. Also be sure to “like” 10 Seconds to Run on Facebook, follow 10 Seconds to Run on Twitter and check out the official 10 Seconds to Run website.

The url for this project's Kickstarter is:
If this project is a success, you’ll be seeing many more iHorror productions in the near future, so if you’re a fan of the brand, be sure to donate and help spread the word!


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