ByJulian Grant, writer at
Julian Grant

Deep from within the bowels of the Arkham Sanitarium comes this new found footage splatter-comedy from grindhouse cinemaniac Julian Grant. Following the exploits of a group of foul mouthed paranormal investigators, ARKHAM explodes in gruesome color this October courtesy of Chemical Burn Entertainment. Cable release dates are forthcoming for October with film festival premieres just prior to the launch. Horror fans will dig the tongue-in-cheek homages not only to Lovecraft himself and the Cthulhu mythos - but revel in the old-school horror FX and gruesome splatter that soaks every frame of this indy gem.

"I wanted to do a picture reminiscent of the original 'Evil Dead' films - scary, weird, funny and more than just a little f*cked up", says filmmaker Grant. "I hate boring paranormal found footage pictures where it takes an hour just to see a door open or close. This one just goes full tilt boogie from the get-go."

Over the next few months exclusive promotions will be announced in both Rue Morgue and Fangoria magazines with a special Cthulhu art piece made available for fans. Watch this space for more news.


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