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This is a ( unnecessary) review of the supposedly leaked Warner Bros script for the upcoming Batman v Superman : dawn of Justice. Now there are reports that this is possibly a fake script written by Kevin Smith to throw certain sites over their scent. I won't spoil any plot points from the script but if you want to know nothing about the story, stop reading here. Update; Kevin Smith didn't write the script.

Nonetheless if this true Beware : Minor Spoilers Ahead

History :

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice continues the story 1 year after the events Man of Steel. Metropolis saw an alien invasion take lives of 5000 citizens and the world was exposed to the existence of a super-powered alien. Every action has consequences. Kal-El as he is called throughout this movie has set in motion a chain of events that will break open the world as we know it.

Now this script has many moving parts in it so lets start with the characters that drive this story:

Main Characters:

1. Batman

DC knows and understands Batman which is evident here. He is given the most character development and has the most complete arc of all the characters. He is a haunted broken man, more cynical than ever due to a past tragedy. The heart of this story is about his reconciliation with the past in a poetic and cathartic fashion. Did I mention he is the most bad ass version of Batman ever put to screen? I mean ever !

2. Superman

Well this is a totally different Superman now. Gone is the angsty new hero, here he is more the classic boy-scout hero we all know and love. He is nothing like Man of Steel's tough Clark but rather the mild mannered farm boy from Kansas . Reading about him paints a picture of a blend of Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh in my mind. Here he is still mostly referred as Kal-El. The focus is on Kal-El/ Superman rather than on Clark. His life on daily planet is barely touched since there are so may plot points in this script. He has a good yet slightly incomplete character arc. but mostly his presence is a plot device to further develop DCCU.

3. Wonder Woman

She is there is quite a few scenes but she doesn't have much of an arc in the story. Here we are introduced to her badassery rather than Diana as a person. She kicks a lot of ass but that's about it.

4. Victor Stone/Cyborg

He is in there quite a bit, much more than you expect. This is somewhat the origin story of Cyborg. It's not a complete origin story but still this script sets him up to be a hero in later installations

5. Lex Luthor

He is a complicated villain and he has a personal vendetta against the Man of Steel. Whether this script is fake or not he is a well realized villain. He is street-punk turned technocrat and billionaire. He is a great foil to Bruce Wayne and their interactions are delicious.

6. Lois Lane

She is just a love interest. Again nothing resembling Lois Lane from Man of Steel, here she is characterized like Lois in Superman: The animated series. She even calls him 'Smallville' at one point !

7. Aquaman/ Orin

Khal Drogo with a trident! Nuff said! He is never called Aquaman though

Fan Service :

There are loads of it Amanda Waller, Victor Zsasz, Nightwing, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Silas Stone, Thermiscyira, Thanagar, Atlantis, Mera etc.


The story of this script all but ensures that the script is all but fake. It's Spiderman 3 all over again. What a clusterf*** ! Hundreds of subplots going on that doesn't play in to anything except set up for further movies or just provide fan service. It is a big-screen adaptation of Death of Superman storyline made in to a convoluted mess with loads of characters with thinly sketched motivations. If you thought Man of Steel was violent, this makes the former sound like a Disney princess animated story. The fight between Batman and Superman is effing awesome though! I wish WB adopts this feature at least


For a fan-made script its pretty impressive. I can just pray this isn't real though. This will be a good comic-book series but an awful film. Run time will have to be more than 3 hrs to cover all these plots. It presumes that the reader be aware of all the comic book mythology like Jason Todd's death etc. But it's smartly played and includes all elements that have leaked from the set and combines them like The Statue of Superman, The fact that Death of Superman was mentioned in Man of Steel Blue Ray, Lexcorp facility that we saw in set-photos etc. and has some interesting dialogues. It's a good effort but definitely more fan fiction than Hollywood script!


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