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Every fan of Doctor Who has their very own Doctor who they call their own. For many it is the Doctor they saw when they first watched the show for the first time. You are thrown into it all and the Doctor was the one to explain the situation and save the the day, and so that Doctor will always stick in your mind. For me the first Doctor saw was the fantastic Christopher Eccleston when the show was rebooted in 2005. (If you want to read my experience of 'Rose ' click here.) Even though that day is quite implanted in my memory, Doctor number 9 is not 'my Doctor'.

So what makes one regeneration of a Doctor different to the rest? What makes that version stand out so much in your mind and heart that we feel the need to call him 'mine'? This is a question which I have been pondering over the last while, especially with the latest teaser trailers ("Am I a good Man?" and "I see into your soul Doctor.") intriguing us further about the 12th regeneration.

"Time Lords have this little trick, it's sort of a way of cheating death. Except it means I'm going to change, and I'm not going to see you again. Not like this. Not with this daft old face." ~ The Doctor, The Parting of Ways.

Is it, as I said before, the first [Doctor Who](series:200668) we lay our eyes on? Or is it something more than this? We as viewers of the show are not the only ones who have our own face whom we link the Doctor to. There are a few companions who have seen more than one face of our favourite Time Lord. A good example of this would be the current companion, Clara Oswald, played by the adorable Jenna Coleman. From The name of the Doctor we learn that our soufflé girl has helped save and direct the Doctor throughout his lives by entering his personal time stream and correcting all the wrong inflicted by the Great Intelligence. As a consequence of this Clara has seen all the faces belonging to the Doctor, and of course not to mention her encounter with 10 and the War Doctor in the 50th anniversary Special. And yet in The Day of The Doctor Clara calls number 11 hers:

"The Doctor, my, my Doctor, he's always talking about the day he did it. The day he wiped out all the Time Lords to stop the war." ~ Clara, The Day of The Doctor.

To understand what makes a certain Doctor a favourite, I asked my followers on Twitter "Who is your favourite Doctor and why?" and I got some great responses!

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  Some of the responses I received
Some of the responses I received

One thing that instantly struck me was that many said a Doctor was their favourite because the character was easy to relate to. For example, @SankethJain said "11... Because he was my first and also because I could relate a lot to what he felt...also cause he's really just a good friend." and @maggie_flup echoed this by saying "Eleven, because he's my first Doctor, and I could relate to him so well with looks and personality, and he was played amazingly." So, is it down to the experiences a Doctor goes through during his time on the show and the feelings and emotions that he goes through that allow us to relate to similar situations in our own lives?

Or is it how the character is portrayed by the actor? @DavidWho50th stated that "The third Doctor is my favourite, because he's an action hero and a gentleman. Like James Bond." and @Kimir4 tweeted in saying "9 because he is hurt, but with the help of Rose learns a lot about trusting and letting other people into your life." Here we see that both the character and his experiences made these Doctors favourites. Is it the character of the Doctor in each generation that makes it for us? From the grumpy grandfather figure of 1, who was slow to trust at first, to the dandy character of the Third, always inventing gadgets and who was protective over his companions. Number Four, the man some consider as the Doctor who was quite eccentric with his scarf and jelly babies to the romantic 8th who was more sensitive than the rest, all the way up to the yet to be seen 12th Doctor. The character of each version of the same man really makes a difference to the likeability of the Doctor.

I know the next factor that I am going to talk about will appeal to the fangirls (and guys) out there! A factor that seems to influence people when picking a favourite Doctor is the physical appearance of the actor. You know what I mean, if the actor makes your heart beat that little bit faster when he is on screen, it can make a world of a difference! @Mattsabadgor tweeted me saying "Eleven cause he's my first Doctor and hes so dorky and cute and... Matt..." and @wwwebbs said something similar, "Eleven. Better looking than 10, humour of 2, smarter than 3..." Does the physical appearance really make such a difference? Maybe it does, and it depends on your own way of thinking. For many people out there, appearance really helps when choosing a favourite Doctor. This personally worries me slightly.The last 3 Doctors played by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith, have all been young and good-looking people. With an older actor coming to play the Doctor, I'm worried that some will be put off watching the show, but I'm hoping this will not be the case. Personally I think having an older actor will do the show good, and I am glad Doctor Who is being mixed up slightly.

Along with the physical appearance, does the apparel of each Doctor influence your thoughts on each one? Is it the quirky style of bowties and fezzes of Matt Smith that make him so loveable? And is it Colin Bakers rainbow coloured coat that almost painfully sticks in our memory?

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Perri : "You can't go out dressed like that."
Doctor: "Why ever not?"
Perri: "You look dreadful."
Doctor: "My dear, that is what people said about Beau Brummell. Remember him?"
Perri: "Well he had taste, a feeling for style."
Doctor: "And I don't?"
Perri: "Not if what you're wearing is an example. It's, oh, yuck!"

When asking my family who their favourite was and why, my brother gave a very well thought out response:

"Matt Smith. At first (like many) I was sceptical of Matt's acting skills and performance range as I had not seen him in anything before Doctor Who. But episode by episode, I grew more fond and began to empathise with Matt as 'the Doctor'. Not only did I begin to love Matt for his quirky humour and hilarious hair, I began to fall in love with his acting, especially in the more serious and tense episodes where we really saw Matt's full potential as an actor while conveying heart ache, loss and pain. Overall Matt's acting range is extraordinary! He made even the most sceptical Who fans adore him by the time it was ready for him to leave. But alas, Matt is my favourite for the reasons listed above. Capaldi has some big shoes to fill! However like every Doctor, I'm sure at first we will be sceptical, and "Then slowly and all at once" fall in love with The Doctor again."

All in I believe what makes a Doctor "Your Doctor" is extremely personal and that it is a mixture of the things I talked about and more!

One last thing; when getting the responses from people on Twitter, I noted that several people said that Matt Smith was their favourite. who is your favourite Doctor? Please tell me!

P.s Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me on here, your comments and interactions really do mean a lot to me! Also thank you to those who let me use their twitter responses in this article! Lots of love!


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