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The 'Marvel' are all made by different companies, we all know that, but people get confused when what company made what, I'm here to explain that for you.

Republic Pictures

'Marvel Comics' was not the original name of the comics, they actually were originally called Timely comics, this was around nineteen-forty at the time. In nineteen-forty four, the first ever 'Marvel' movie was released, named 'Captain America', the movie was made by a company named 'Republic Pictures', it starred 'Dick Purcell' as the 'Captain America' character, and is the least popular 'Marvel' film every made. 'Captain America' is no longer Steve Rogers in the film and his identity is changed to a District Attorney named Grant Gardner. Purcell was cast as the hero despite, as described by Harmon and Glut, having an average and slightly overweight physique. This was the first, last and only 'Marvel ' film released by 'Republic Pictures'

Universal Studios

The infamous 'Howard The Duck' film was the first let's say successful, (wink, wink) 'Marvel' movie made as it was popular at it's time, let's just say the movie was absolutely terrible, but was a commercial success. Not much left to say about this movie. Let's move on. (They also made the 'Hulk' film, but that was terrible, so let's just carry on.

New World Pictures

The company 'New World Pictures' made 'The Punisher' movie, only the first one though, from nineteen-eighty nine. One of the least-known 'Marvel' movies ever, 'The Punisher' was terrible, it got 2/10 with critics calling the actors lazy, and unconvincing. Maybe next time guys?

21st Century Film Corporation

This company had a shot at yet again another 'Captain America' in nineteen-ninety but failed. The movie was co-produced by Jadran Film. It went direct-to-video in US, theatrical only in some countries. Not much to say about this one.

New Horizons

'New Horizons' didn't do much they had a shot at a 'Fantastic Four' movie, but it was never released.

New Line Cinema

This company were the first to make a good 'Marvel' movie, named 'Blade', in nineteen-ninety eight, 'Blade' was released, starring 'Wesley Snipes', who fits the role so much. They then made a 'Blade II' in two-thousand and two, which was a bit better than the first one and then, they released 'Blade Trinity' in 2004, which was bad, really bad, it had 'Ryan Reynolds' in it, who would then go on to play '[Deadpool](movie:38663)' in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'. After the failure of 'Blade Trinity', New Line Cinema' stopped making movies for 'Marvel'. I think they should make a 'Blade IV', anyone with me? I know they had 'Blade: House Of Chton', which was a short TV series for 'Blade', but still, a new 'Blade' film?

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Should they make 'Blade IV'?

Columbia Pictures/ Sony

'Sony' as it is most known for, created the 'Ghost Rider' and 'Spiderman' movies, with three 'Spiderman' films, that were amazing, excluding the last one, and two, alright 'Ghost Rider' films, and the most popular 'The Amazing Spider-Man' films, you just add the amazing to make it look better, with the most recent being 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' which came out about three months ago.


'Fox' have so far made made eleven movies for 'Marvel', they have made every 'X-Men' movie, the two 'Fantastic Four' films, and are currently making a reboot by the way, and they also made they dreadful 'Daredevil' and Elektra films.

Artisan Entertainment

'Artisan Entertainment' made the first popular 'The Punisher' movie, although it didn't handle with critics well, moving on. (They also made a film about 'Man-Thing', it was weird, moving on.)


They made the second/third 'The Punisher' movie. It was terrible.

Marvel Studios/Disney

Most of 'Marvel' was purchased by 'Disney' in two-thousand and eight, they now currently own 'The Avengers' licence and the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' licence for movies, they have a licence for every Marvel character ever on cartoons though, shame they don't use more characters.

They created these movies:

Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk

Iron Man 2


Captain America: The First Avenger

Avengers/Avengers Assemble/ [The Avengers](movie:9040)/Marvel's Avengers (who knows what it's called?)

[Iron Man 3](movie:24391)

Thor: The Dark World

[Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)


So, who is the go-to company for 'Marvel' movies?


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