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RoAnna Sylver

"Hello, youngling! If I ever give in to the Dark Side and go on a murderous rampage, I'll be sure to strike you down last. You know, just hypothetically!"

...Anyway. I'm always finding great fan-made stuff on the interwebs in general, be it fan art, image or GIF edits, fanfiction, videos, fancasts - or in this case, cosplays. Talented fans are everywhere.

These two were seen at Star Wars Weekends at Disney World, courtesy of tumblr user MyDisneyDaze. It's great to see a fantastic Anakin cosplay, but it's even better to see a sweet interaction between fans, and generations. And this just goes to show that there's no age minimum on awesome cosplays. You're never too young to join the geekiest (and most fun) game of dress-up in the world!


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