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Billy Spencer has just posted some more Cover Variants for the Month of October,and these are some pretty interesting ones.

Batgirl #35 by Kevin Nowlan

Love the whole princess of darkness vibe I get from the image, depicting Batgirl as a female vampire of the knight. Seems to also be sporting a new look from what I can tell, digging the cape.

Next up we have Batman # 35 by Brian Stelfreeze

We have the Dark Knight in his mansion as a full fledged count from what I can tell.Skulls surrounding him,and his ladies of the knight to be seduced by him,goes with his character Bruce a bit.

Up next we have Catwoman # 35 by Josh Middleton

it's always nice to have a fun cover. The picture having Catwoman having a great Halloween and enjoying her spoils of the night.Seems like she made out like a bandit.Shows her having just a devil on her should no angel on the other side,guess she left her or him outside.With diamonds coming out of the pumpkin head with smiles on all their faces.

Next up is Grayson # 3 by Jan Duursema

This one is just kinda wicked,never really seen anything like this. Shows Grayson as some sort of beast or alien fighting against some other monster, Cthulhu maybe? Donno but it looks sweet.

And Lastly we have Batman/Superman # 15 by Jon Bogdanove, color by Alex Sinclair

Here we have two of the first finest heroes, working side-by-side as werewolves.Seems like crime isn't the only thing they could be after, with the full moon out and Batman and Superman ready for whatever October holds for them. But it does seem they outgrown their outfits,just for the time being.

Really enjoying the October Variants from DC comics. They all bring out what I find fun about Halloween and October itself.A time where we can just have fun and be someone we are not whether it be a flesh eating zombie,a vampire,a mummy,or just whoever.Its just fun remembering certain movies,or just characters for that matter in the horror film scene that have left an impression on us.To me the October Variants brought back moments when I was a kid or growing up of some of my favorite films and classics.


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