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Alan Robert, Life of Agony bassist and songwriter, will be bringing you a fourth horror comic series after his successful Killogy, Crawl to Me and Wire Hangers series. The Shunned One is the tale of an Angel of Death who goes rogue after he is ordered to take out innocent lives. Riddled with guilt, this death angel begins carrying out his own judgement. No longer caring if your name has appeared on the Death List or not, he will take you out based on your actions. These unsanctioned murders alter the balance of the universe and trigger a myriad of disasters.

Now banished from Heaven and being hunted by a pack of angry death angels, The Shunned One must hide. But where? Among the humans that he has taken his anger out on, of course. He must also try to reverse the damage that he has done.

“This will definitely be my darkest series to date,” says Robert. “The tragedies in Newtown and Aurora really hit home for me. I can't even begin to imagine the pain those families are going through. I suppose The Shunned One is my subconscious reaction to events like that—just trying to cope with all this death and my worst fears in my own way.”

So, who will be tasked to adapt this story for the screen? Jack Reher. Reher has also adapted the best selling comic book Edge of the Unknown for the screen and his first film, Grizzly starring James Marsden and Thomas Jane, is due later this year.

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