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So a couple of weeks back I watched the original Wolf Creek from 2005. Needless to say, I liked it so much that I decided to watch the second one soon after! This one did go a lot more into the 'torture porn' genre than the first one ever did, which is obviously good for some people but not so much for others. If you missed it, you can catch my review of the original film here.

So as always I am going to break the review into five sections - Acting, Story Line, Originality, Special Effects / Costumes and General Overview. I hope you enjoy my review, and if there are any films you would like to see a detailed review of, tell me in the comments section below!


BRILLIANT, I was VERY impressed with the acting. There were only a few different characters in this movie, but each and every single one of them played their part PERFECTLY. Although I think I already made it quite clear that I thought the acting was great from all the cast, I would have to say that the German hitchhiker 'Katarina' (played by Shannon Ashlyn) was probably the best out of the lot of them. Her acting was so incredibly realistic, you could really sympathize with her character, who was totally freaked out.

As before, John Jarratt was perfect as an absolutely sadistic, mental villain - but it seemed that it took him the first 15 - 20 minutes of the movie to get his full on Australian accent back to what it originally was, but fair enough I guess - he hasn't had to speak like that for eight years, must have gotten out of practice. This film had his character as a hell of a lot crueler and darker than in the original, but he did add a bit more humor to the role at the same time (how did that work? I don't know, it just did). Despite his wise jokes, he is NOT a person I'd like to meet!

Story Line (Mild Spoilers)

This movie has one of the best opening scenes that I have ever seen. It was actually more funny than scary for me, but I liked it nonetheless. Without giving too much away, some bored cops decide to have some fun and chase after Mick in his truck, tell him that he was speeding (when he wasn't) and to make fun of him for a good few minutes. I'm sure you can all but imagine where it goes from there, a lot of black humor in this scene.

We then go on to the two German hitchhikers Rutger and Katarina, who are making their way through the Australian outback. Doing his usual stalking routine, Mick hunts down the two tourists and finds them camping in a tent at a fairly deserted park, where he tells them that camping is prohibited. One thing lead to another, and we have Katarina running for her life down the deserted roads, screaming for help.

Katarina ends up in a jeep with the newly introduced character Paul (played by Ryan Corr) and they end up having a MASSIVE car/truck/lorry chase scene, with explosions, horses, kangaroos, and all sorts of crazy shit. Poor Paul is now at the top of Mick's hit list, and the rest of the movie revolves around Mick hunting him down, and torturing him - which is where we discover how insane the bad guy really is.


I was very impressed with the originality of this flick. There was only one scene that this sequel had in common with the original, and that was when the main character knocked Mick out in order to escape from him. Other than that, it was all original content - it had a good, strong story line and although it stuck to its origins, there were lots and lots of new scenes and plot twists.

As I said earlier, this one was definitely a lot darker and more violent than its predecessor, but it also went a lot more into Mick's character and his insanity than the original ever did - but I guess that's always the case with sequels. Although the film did follow mainly just Paul, it was a nice change to have first the cops, then the hitchikers, so it was 30 minutes into the movie before we actually met the main character.

Special Effects / Costumes

Well I think it's fair to say that practical affects are pretty darn good nowadays. When they actually choose to use them that is. As far as I can tell, (apart from the hack sawing someones fingers off scene) all, or at least most of the effects in this movie were practical effects (meaning not done by a computer). I love practical effects, if they're done well they can really look awesome - so it's always great to see them in a modern movie.

Obviously there were no actual monsters or undead villains in this movie, so of course no costumes. There were a couple of explosions in this movie, which is always awesome for an action film fan like myself, and they were both done very well also. Everything was up to the mark and looking realistic, so I have no complaints here!

General Overview

In general, I'm very impressed - this was a great follow up sequel and isn't given enough credit - neither of the films are. I really liked the fact that the film was action packed just about all the way through, so no waiting for an hour for all the action to start like in the previous instalment. What I will say is that there were a few slightly awkward feeling scenes, and the end of the movie was really quite depressing - much like the last one.

Although I would say the ending for this film was even worse than the last, it was not completely AWFUL. I mean, it certainly left it open for there to be a third instalment in the franchise, and as long as they stay this good I will be rushing to see any future Wolf Creek films they make. I would say if I gave the original a rating of 7.2/10, I'll give this one a 7/10 which is very impressive for a sequel.

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