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Paramount Insurge and Bad Robot are teaming up on the upcoming thriller, Valencia. Insurge is a boutique arm of Paramount that produces independent films for $5 million or less, with the intention of focusing on story, and Valencia looks like it will be right up their alley. Set entirely inside a cellar, the film focuses on the relationship between a young girl recovering from a car accident, and the man who tells her that a nuclear attack has decimated the outside world.

Not sure a cellar would help there, but ok!
Not sure a cellar would help there, but ok!

Now word has leaked that John Goodman is in talks with JJ Abrams and the Bad Robot team about taking over the role of the "creepy caretaker." Valencia will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg with Abrams on board as a producer!

(Courtesy of Variety)

Does Valencia sound like your kind of film? Are you excited about anything involved with JJ Abrams? Let me know in the comments!


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