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Check out Nothing Lasts Forever, a very rare lost movie from the eighties starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. It will be online for a short time so hurry while views last.

The movie was a very good example of the studio not letting the public decide. As the story goes, the movie tested quite badly and MGM decided simply to bury it. The company reportedly stopped it being screened twice at Cannes. But now, thanks to the power of modern technology, some generous soul out there has put it on YouTube for our viewing pleasure.

Check it out below:

Written by longtime Saturday Night Live collaborator Tom Schiller, the story follows a young man - played by Gremlins star Zach Galligan - who, throughout the film, gets caught up in the the big city machine and totalitarian retro idea of the future. It is a class social commentary while existing as a comedy.

Bill Murray has an extended cameo in the piece and Dan Aykroyd plays Galligans boss in the film. The movie utilizes shots from older movies as cuts and B-roll which could be also perhaps a rights issue for the film. I find this hard to believe because if a movie like Steve Martin's Real Men Don't Wear Plaid can do it then why can't this? There were a whole series of this type of movie in the eighties, it was almost a sub-genre that has the opinion that if you like it, you love it and if you don't, you hate it.

Give it a try, you'll be very surprised if you haven't seen one of these movies before and any more Bill Murray in the world is always a good thing.


More Bill Murray in the World?

Source: IndieWire


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