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The general, widespread awesomeness of Mark Ruffalo has been a common theme on these pages in recent weeks - whether his teasing of Avengers: Age of Ultron spoilers, he and Robert Downey Jr's super-sweet bro-bond, or his fight to protect our water supplies.

His latest excursion into the land of 'why are we not all friends with Mark Ruffalo?', though, involves possibly his greatest and most consistent medium for awesomeness: Hulk-based green screen motion capture.

Cue Ruffalo's Instagram account:

And, if posting pictures of himself looking like a supporting character in Predator wasn't enough, he also used it to continue supporting the fundraising drive for his charity Water Defense - which gives every donor the chance to potentially hang out on set with him.

This wasn't the first time Ruffalo has utilized the inherent awesomeness of motion-capturing The Hulk to bring a dose of sheer, unrelenting joy to our day, though.

In fact, it's actually hard to find a picture of him on set which doesn't.

Case in point:

This is how Mark Ruffalo Reveals He's Back Filming as The Hulk.

Either that, or attending a really weird disco night...

Back on the set of the original Avengers movie, though, Ruffalo was usually a whole lot more subdued:

No, wait. Not more subdued. More impersonating a tiny model of The Hulk while Joss Whedon stares at him, confused - and even when Whedon isn't around:

Which is only slightly more adorable than watching him fight invisible enemies wearing only spandex:

Which obviously takes a real and physical (and probably not toilet-related) toll on him:

Though, in fairness - you can still totally tell he's grinning inside...

Which is doubly true when he's being mounted by Thor:

Or battling Joss freakin' Whedon:

Who, it seems, is also worthy enough to hold the hammer of Thor...

But not to pay for full, comprehensive dental coverage for two of his biggest stars:

The conclusion we should definitely take from all this? Mark Ruffalo should never be allowed to stop making Hulk-related motion capture films.

Unless it's to hang around with Robert Downey Jr in awesome, hipster glasses-wearing fashion.

That, we're still totally cool with.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is set for release May 1, 2015


What do you guys think? Is Ruffalo at his best when he's Mo-Capping The Hulk?



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