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As to be expected,[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) will be shown on IMAX and 3D theaters nationwide.

However, unlike most movies who shoot in a lower format and post convert up to IMAX, Episode VII will be taking the Christopher Nolan route and shooting in IMAX and showing the movie in IMAX. Nolan has been championing the IMAX format since he began The Dark Knight Trilogy. With every movie he tried his best to have as much IMAX footage as possible.

Check out on set which could potentially be Tattooine:

It feels good that the Gospel According to Nolan is actually being listened to. For the longest time he had people hearing him but not really taking this on board as a valuable idea. However, and with respect to the man, he knows when he doesn't need to use IMAX; Inception was shot on digital because it was a very mobile kinetic film. I think that for scale and expansiveness that we come to expect with a Star Wars movie, IMAX does seem to be the ticket.

So, do you subscribe to Nolan's gospel or do you like pixels with your movies?


Nolan or Pixels?

Source: ComicBook


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