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There's been a whole lot of talk recently about Clerks 3. Considering the last movie in the series came out eight years ago, and did...OK, that's sort of a surprise. One day it's on, the next it's off - a back and forth which has, to some extent, been going on more or less since Clerks 2 came out.

And then the bad news hit: The Weinstein's had turned down the chance to finance the project.

Which, we assumed, left it adrift - and our chances of seeing Dante and Randal return to our screens exponentially diminished.

Which is a very bad thing.
Which is a very bad thing.

Here's where the good news kicks in.

Director Kevin Smith took to Twitter and not only revealed that the movie will indeed still be made - but that the Weinstein's could yet be involved:

Which is, for fans of the View Askewniverse, very, very good news indeed.

The only question now? How Smith's going to finance it...

[Clerks 3](movie:388513) will, apparently, be on it's way soon...ish.


What do you guys think? How should Smith finance Clerks 3?



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