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Fraggle Rock is going to release a miniseries of comics with Archaia publishing. Previously the the series worked with the system of one story per issue of the comic. However, this new miniseries marks the first time Fraggle Rock has used a continuing story from issue to issue.

The reason, I believe, is the scale of what they are trying to write about.

Check out what author Kate Leth had to say about the piece:

This is the longest Fraggle story to be told in comics, so we wanted it to feel a bit more like a movie than a clip from the show... Basically, the Fraggles discover that their home has run dry. All the water has up and disappeared, leaving them in quite a state! They're forced to venture further and deeper into the tunnels below Fraggle Rock, which is where they encounter a whole new colony of Doozers.

After gathering fame with Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors, Kate Leth has now decided to work with Jake Myler of Darkwing Duck and Fraggle Rock on these issues. The miniseries will be entitled Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring.

Jake and I wanted them to be a big contrast to the construction-focused Doozers we all know, so we made them as colourful as possible... They're a little bit retro, a touch Marty McFly, dabs of disco here and there. Jake's designs were so much fun, and Henson seemed to think so, too. It's a pretty neat experience to be able to add to that world.

This certainly seems like the biggest undertaking yet in the series and it will change the dynamic of the whole series and leave room for the characters to develop within one set story rather than seeing jumps or changes from issue to issue. It really has the potential to enrich Fraggle Rock.

Issue one of Journey to the Everspring will be launched in October.

Do you think it will wreck the series or enrich it?


Wreck or Enrich the Series?

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