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Google might be pushing ahead technology by consistently providing us with tablets and screens to lose ourselves into, but it also looks like they have some appreciation for good ol' fashioned hand-drawn animation.

At the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco, animator Glen Keane kicked off the Advanced Technology and Projects session with a special animated short drawn completely on his own. Keane has a long and illustrious history in animation, having created some of Disney's most iconic characters, including Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and Rapunzel. In this short film, titled Duet, we see the growth and criss-crossing paths of two young lovers, Tosh and Mia. Check it out below:

Duet is the third in Spotlight Stories series of animated shorts which hope to blend world-class artistry with Google's technology. Now, I'm certainly not the biggest fan of Google, but even my hardened cynical heart had to admit Duet is a beautiful piece of hand-drawn animation. Indeed, perhaps it is made all the more special due to the fact old-fashioned animation is seen so rarely these days on the big screen.


Do you miss traditional animation?

Source: IndieWire


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