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McFarlane's toys are going to be releasing a series of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) themed toys this year. The toys will be building block in style so fans can recreate their favorite scenes. They will be available this fall and exclusive to Toys "R" Us outlets.

Check out some pictures below:

Numerous iconic locations, as well as favorite characters and walkers have been recreated for the toy line.

In a recent interview, toy creator Todd McFarlane had this to say:

Twenty years ago I walked into the action figure aisle, saw an artistic void, and asked, can these toys look cooler? The answer was yes, they could, and I've survived twenty years next to the big boys creating those artistic toys... Now I'm walking into another aisle with that same question, and the answer is still yes!"
Will these be the best building sets out there? I'll leave it up to the consumer to decide,But, will it look cooler? Yes. Will it be more detailed? Absolutely. Will it be more realistic? I guarantee it!

The Walking Dead Building set will contain building sets and expansion packs. This will cost MSRP $9.99-64.99 – Daryl Dixon with Chopper, The Governor's Room, and Prison Tower with Gate.

Another set will be available also. This will contain figure blind bags. This will have more miscellaneous characters but is good for filling up a scene if it's looking a little bare and you want to recreate a battle. Blind Bag Figures: MSRP $2.99 – Daryl Dixon, Michonne, The Governor, Carl Grimes, Riot Gear Walker, Michonne's Pet Walker, and Herd Walkers.

Will you be getting your toy on with The Walking Dead?


Getting My Toy On

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