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Apparently when you have abs like Joe Manganiello, your fantasy woman could be become a dating reality!

The [True Blood](series:200767) hunk revealed that he had a huge crush of Sofia Vergara after they met at the White House Correspondents dinner back in May, but unfortunately for him, his dream girl was already engaged.

Manganiello raved about the Colombian bombshell in People Magazine's bachelor edition shortly after they met, and he didn't hold back with the compliments. Manganiello explained his feelings for Vergara by telling interviewers;

You're gonna get me in trouble. I don't want to be like a home-wrecker. This person is engaged. She's got the curves, she's got a beautiful face, beautiful hair, just gorgeous. Naturally beautiful. She's feisty!

Fast forward to July and, after breaking up with fiancée Nick Loeb, Vergara is reportedly making Manganiello's dating dreams come true by taking a chance on the 37-year-old hunk!

An insider source told US Weekly Magazine that;

Sofia is Joe’s dream girl! He’s been smitten with her for years. He’s always had a huge crush on her. Things are going well for them so far. Sofia had no idea that he had been crushing on her for a while

Who knows if the pair are really dating, or if this is a sneaky little career boosting publicity stunt for the 'couple'...

Seeing as this news story conveniently broke the day after Manganiello's huge True Blood episode, I am a tinnnnny bit suspicious.


Do you think Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello make a good couple?

(Source: Dlisted via People and US Weekly)


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