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It might be a few years since Magic Mike got us well and truly enamoured with Tatum's taut physique, but his perfect pecs have clearly burnt themselves onto our collective memory!

Tatum’s body was named the hottest in an E-Score survey, but he has some hot (emphasis on hot) competition on his tail.

Nipping at Tatum's athletic heels are;

Chris Hemsworth (2nd)

A truly Thor like physique to get pulses hammering

Shemar Moore (3rd)

Abs firmer than a turtle shell...

David Beckham (4th)

Admit it, you wouldn't mind seeing his golden balls

Maksim Chmerkovskiy (5th)

Sweat until my clothes come off!

But, has justice been served in this battle of the bods, or does one of the underdogs deserve to be leader of this gym-pounding pack?

I will generously let your votes decide!


Who deserves the tile of 'hottest Hollywood body'?

(Source: Entertain This)


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