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This weekend I had sort of a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon and let me tell you I haven't really slept that well but it was so worth it! So after watching the 1984 version decided to check out the remake to see if it was as good or even better. In my opinion the remake was better but here is my comparison of the two.

In the 1984 version the characters were very close together where in the 2010 version they were kind of spread out until half the cast was dead!

In the 2010 Freddy is scarier and is his voice is deep and he has no eyeballs but in the older version Freddy is not only funny but he is also scary at the same time.

A point goes to the 2010 version for having the actual horror in the movie start off fast. I wasn't even 5 minutes into the movie before someone died! In the 1984 however it took a good 20 minutes.

The new version is also a little more twisted! For example Freddy says "Did you know that after the heart stops beating that the brain is still active for 7 minutes? That means we have 7 minutes to play" If that doesn't run shivers down your spine than you are probably a lot braver than I am.

This comparison is kind of dumb I will admit but I think that the cast was a lot more attractive in the 1984 version! I mean come on how do you beat young Johnny Depp? That's right you can't!

Another thing that I enjoy a little bit was that Freddy explains to one of his victims a little bit of why he is doing all the killing but he doesn't say "because your parents killed me" he just hints around it. He even takes some of the kids into the dream world and shows them some of what happened.

But an annoying thing is that Freddy uses some of the tricks from the old movie. And honestly the old Freddy without the CGI does it better!

The 2010 version really goes into how dark and twisted Freddy is. Not just that he wants to kill kids but what happened to the kids and why he was burned in the first place.

Now there is of course the ending of the two movies. The 2010 ending honestly I did not see it coming and I didn't in the 1984 version but you knew something was a little off in the 1984 version.

To conclude all of this stuff I honestly think that the reamake was a good remake. I know some horror fanatics may get on my ass about it but it was creepy, scary, and not the same thing repeated. It kept me interested I didn't think that I was watching the same movie. The first one didn't scare me as much as the first, and we all know that a good horror movie keeps you scared.


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