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Comic-Con 2014 is heading this way fast - and the dizzying potential of the reveals we could be set to see is torturing us here at moviepilot. Will we get to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? An announcement for a Doctor Strange, or Black Panther movie? Will DC confirm the movies they've got coming up? Will Kevin Smith dance naked through the aisles, humming the Star Wars theme? Wait a minute, will we get a first glimpse of Star Wars Episode VII?

Honestly? We have no idea.

But y'know what we do know? Just how awesome the big reveals have been at past Comic-Con's - and that's a geek-tastic pool of jello we can all dive into right now - no waiting required.

Let's make our way back in time, shall we, and see just where the Comic-Con Gods take us...

First up:

2013 Brought Us the Biggest Team Up of All:

A Bat-wing?
A Bat-wing?

There was a lot to love at last years Comic-Con - but who remembers any of that now? We found out that Batman v Superman is on its way! The only reason the internet didn't break was that we were all too distracted by the awesomeness of that being an actual film that we will get to watch to fulfill our daily meme quotient, thus balancing out the universe.

I mean, sure, they've already had to put the release date back, but even so.

Batman! Versus! Superman! What more could you ever want?

Oh, yeah. The other pillar of awesomeness.
Oh, yeah. The other pillar of awesomeness.

OK, fine, we can have Wonder Woman in it too. Because clearly you can add awesome to infinite awesomeness.

Going further back, DC keep up their (backwards) momentum...

2012 Brought Us The Man of Freakin' Steel:

Which, in fairness, took him a long time...
Which, in fairness, took him a long time...

So, sure, 2013 was pretty great. Y'know, in a childhood dream-realizing sort of way. But 2012 made grown man cry, simply by making them believe that a grown man could fly...again.

Yes, that's right, the debut of the Man of Steel trailer made full grown adults break down crying - because Superman, for all his faults, is just that awesome. I mean, you only have to ask Jerry Seinfeld:

Or, y'know, check out the trailer. Which was pretty damned tear-jerking. Though nowhere near as much as the movie (The dog! He saved the dog!)...

Even with all the tears, though, 2012 was simply trying to live up to what came before - and that was something really quite special:

2011 Brought Us the Actual Spider-Man:

In the form of Andrew Garfield...
In the form of Andrew Garfield...

Yep. Andrew Garfield appeared at the 2011 Comic-Con wearing an actual Spider-suit. One which, thankfully, didn't end up being in the actual movie.

The thing is - he didn't just show up as Spider-Man. He did it in the most adorable way possible: posing as a fan during a Q&A, before revealing himself, and delivering an utterly heartwarming speech:

Yup. So maybe we weren't just crying in 2012...

And, luckily, the trailer wasn't half bad, either...

All of that, though, was a mere sideshow compared to 2010 - for one reason, and one reason alone:

2010 Brought Us the Avengers...Assembled:

Because we were all good in our past lives...
Because we were all good in our past lives...

And there went the waterworks again. Accompanied by all of the screaming. Yes, when they officially announced The Avengers, we were pretty much all kids again - not least Clark Gregg, who looked like he had only barely managed to get through filming without blubbering constantly.

And we loved him for it, because that's what we'd have done too.

Whereas sadly none of us are Downey Jr level cool.
Whereas sadly none of us are Downey Jr level cool.

I mean, seriously. Announcing Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner would be enough. Add in Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and you're just over-exciting us.

Add in Joss Whedon as director, and you're just making our hearts grow too large, MARVEL.

Great, now I'm sad about how far away Avengers: Age of Ultron is again...

Don't worry though, 2009 will cheer me up...

2009 Brought Us the Return of Iron Man:

And with him Downey Jr!
And with him Downey Jr!

That's right, 2009 brought us our first look at Iron Man 2, one of the most anticipated sequels of all time. And it was good. It was...great, even.

I mean, yeah, the film wasn't fantastic, but back then? Times were sweet. And do you know why that was?

War. Machine.

The warriest of all machines. Except for Terminator
The warriest of all machines. Except for Terminator

We got to see War Machine, and thus, for a little while, all was right with the universe.

So, sure, the final film wasn't the greatest - but that moment? That was still magic.

And this year, all the way back in 2014 - this year, we might get to see Wonder Woman, or Doctor Strange, or someone we haven't even thought about yet.

And when we do, it will be awesome.

Comic-Con starts July 23, 2014. So it might already be time to start getting excited.


What do you guys think? What's your favorite Comic-Con moment?


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