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The Creepypasta Wiki has received an enormous amount of controversial attention recently thanks to the Slender Man inspired attempted murder by two 12-year-old girls.

But this chilling haunted house of the Internet is not just the birth place of a bizarre tragedy... it's also a creative forum that keeps the tradition of telling truly petrifying ghost stories alive.

So, turn out the lights and point that flashlight at your face because when you tell these trauma inducing tales to your friends, they aren't going to be turning the lights out for a while.

1. The Russian Sleep Experiment

Basic Plot: Imagine being trapped alone in a sealed chamber for 15 days with an experimental gas forcing you to stay awake. That was the fate of the victims of The Russian Sleep Experiment.

The subjects scream until they rupture their vocal cords by the third day, but the eerie quiet that came afterwards was the most disturbing thing to the researchers.

Despite protests from the test subjects who whispered through the intercom "we no longer want to be freed" - the experimenters decided to open the chambers after 15 days.

What greeted them was terrible beyond comprehension.

The test subjects hadn't touched their food rations for days and were instead tearing chunks of their own flesh off and devouring it...

But, how did the guards know they were cannibalizing themselves? The fully working digestive tracts that were "fanning out around the eviscerated but still living bodies of the subjects" kind of gave the game away.

Why will it totally s**t you up? The seamless blend of plausible wartime experiments and a gore-gasm of extreme horror.

Trauma factor: Passing on dinner and mistrusting medical doctors

2. Jeff The Killer

Basic Plot: Moving to a new neighborhood is always tough, but Jeff's family really grasped the sharp end of the sword.

After their big move, Jeff starts to feel a strange tugging craving within him. He doesn't fully understand it, but he knows that he has to hurt people.

When his younger brother Lui is attacked by local bullies with a knife, Jeff snaps and turns the weapon on his assailants who manage to flee injured, but alive.

During a neighborhood party, the bullies return to reap their revenge and after a vicious battle they smash a bottle of vodka over Jeff's head and set him ablaze.

When Jeff sees his horribly injured face for the first time, he is delighted.

When Jeff cries "I've never felt more happy! Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa, look at me. This face goes perfectly with me!", a doctor reassures Jeff's concerned mother that it is just a side effect of the painkillers.

It isn't.

Later that night Jeff's mother finds him hacking a permanent smile into his face... and manic, unclosing eyes. Jeff babbles that he cut his own eyelids off because; "I couldn't see my face. I got tired and my eyes started to close. I burned out the eyelids so I could forever see myself; my new face."

After brutally disemboweling his own parents and stabbing his younger brother while urging him to "go to sleep," Jeff goes on the run.

Jeff has been sighted numerous times by terrified children as his unblinking eyes peer at them from the darkness. He tries to soothe them to sleep... Before making them sleep forever.

Why will it totally s**t you up? Ummmm, have you seen the image at the top of this article? Now just imagine that peering at you in the bathroom mirror while you brush your teeth...

Trauma Factor: I'll keep the light on in the bathroom for a few weeks, thanks!

3. Candle Cove

Basic Plot: This eerie creepypasta relies on our hazy childhood memories to really get us quaking in our boots.

We all remember tiny details of TV shows we watched as young children, but what if these scattered islands of memory pointed to something entirely more sinister?

Candle Cove is a forum thread of people that vaguely remember scraps of a late '70s kids' show. The memories start off innocent enough. People remember little girl called Janice who is friends with Pirate Percy (who also happens to be a marionette built from mismatched doll parts, but whatever) who sail the high seas on a ship called Laughing Stock.

Gradually people on the thread start to recall more disturbing memories - in particular a dirty old skeleton named 'The Skin Taker.' One forum member recalls how the little girl on the show asked this horrifying character “why does your mouth move like that” before the Skin Taker looked directly into the camera and answered “TO GRIND YOUR SKIN.”

Soon everyone remembers an entire episode that was just a petrifying montage of all the characters screaming endlessly.

After a few months of silence, one member returns with more news of Candle Cove. His mother also remembered the show, but in a very different way to her son...

She told him she was surprised he remembered the show because whenever he was 'watching' Candle Cove he tuned the TV to static and watched dead air for 30 minutes.

Why will it totally s**t you up? Could the flashes of memory you have about strange looking characters be the same phenomenon? People do say kids are more open to the supernatural...

Trauma factor: Is anything I remember actually real?!

4. The Slender Man

Basic Plot: The Slender Man is an alleged paranormal figure who could have been in existence for centuries. Forms similar to the eerily tall, stick thin, faceless man can be traced back to Brazilian cave paintings and ancient German lore.

The Slender Man stalks and psychologically traumatizes his prey in woodland areas. His presence is so menacing, it's sometimes said to induce debilitating paranoia.

He targets children, but it is uncertain whether slaughtering his victims is the primary objective of the Slender Man.

Nobody knows whether the Slender Man adsorbs, murders, or takes his victims to an unknown dimension because the he has never left a body in his wake. Those ensnared by this terrifying character simply disappear.

Why will it totally s**t you up? If the convincing, multi-layered history doesn't get you, the video game will!

Trauma factor: I think I'll pass on that camping trip, thanks!


Which Creepypasta is the scariest?

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