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These are my Top Five most horrifying horror movie deaths. While these deaths may not be the goriest, most creative or most painful they are to me the ones I would least want to personally experience. You can see more blogs of mine and listen to my podcast at

5. Black Christmas 1974 – It is Christmas time on a college campus and all the sorority girls are getting ready to go home for the holidays — only some will not make it home. There is a killer hiding in their house and his first victim is Clare. While her death was bloodless and not even remotely creative, to me it was terrifying. Imagine someone coming at you with a plastic garment bag and smothering you to death with it. It is not the quickest death depending on how completely your airway is restricted — brain death can take up to six minutes. If you think an hour at work feels like eight, imagine how long those last six minutes would feel. For all that time, you would be struggling, scared, and knowing you were about to die.

4. Hostel 2 – Three girls are traveling through a foreign country where they are kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder to be tortured and murdered. Poor Lorna has one of the worst deaths I have ever seen. She is hung upside down naked over a tile tube while some psycho Elizabeth Bathory wannabe slices her up. This woman bathes in the fresh blood while Lorna’s screams in pain finally having her throat cut. That was very painful to watch and was a very slow death.

3. Hannibal – The film based on the book that is sequel to Silence of the Lambs sees Hannibal now living in Italy after escaping at the end of the previous film. Anyone who has read the Thomas Harris novels or has seen the films based on them knows Hannibal Lecter is all about killing and eating the rude. If everyone did this there would be no one left on the planet! The most uncomfortable and humiliating death is that of Paul Krendler. Paul a Justice Department official, has falsely accused Clarice of withholding evidence related to Dr. Lecter. This results in her suspension. Big mistake for Paul because Lecter has a hard on for Clarice! Next thing we know, Paul has been kidnapped, drugged and had the top of his head sawed off. Part of his brain is removed, fried up and fed to him. He is left in his seat to slowly die while Lecter escapes. I’m not sure if realistically someone would survive long enough to eat their own brain but hey that is Dr. Lecter to YOU!

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 – Sally, her brother and some friends set out on a roadtrip to visit her grandfather’s grave. Unfortunately, they never make it there and instead take a detour that leads them to a family of cannibals. Pam has the worst death of the kids. She goes into the house to find her boyfriend but quickly determines she is in danger. She makes a valiant attempt to escape before it is too late but is grabbed by Leatherface running out the door. He jams a screaming and squirming Pam onto a meat hook. Although we don’t see Pam’s death I think it can be assumed she died shortly thereafter from her injuries. Unfortunately for Pam, when Kirk comes looking for her we discover she is still alive and has been locked in a freezer since we last saw her. Kirk discovers her but before he can do anything Leatherface gets him. Did Pam die from her injuries, suffocate, freeze to death?

1. Wolf Creek - My number one truly is possibly the most heinous and disturbing death I have ever seen in a horror movie. Three kids travelling through the Australian Outback experience car trouble. Why does anyone leave the city? Leave the Outback to the kangaroos! Luckily, a local discovers them and offers to help them get back on the road. What the kids do not know is this “friendly” local has been following them for quite some time and is responsible for their car trouble. The first of the kids to die is Liz, attacked by this local man as she is trying to escape in one of his cars collected from his previous victims. Her friend has already gotten away and this man their attacker wants to know where she is. When Liz won’t cooperate he stuns her with a head butt and tells her he is going to use a technique from Vietnam to force her to talk. He uses a long knife to sever her spinal cord telling her she is now a head on a stick and will talk. He finishes the job off camera. A bone chilling death if I’ve ever seen and just as awful if she had somehow survived the attack.

So there you have it! My picks for most undesirable ways to be murdered! Tell me in the comments if they give you nightmares too. If not what deaths make your skin crawl?


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