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I recently read Amy Martin's review/compare on original and remake of some horror films. So I decided to do the same and do a compare on contrast on the Maniac movies. The plot focuses on a disturbed and traumatized serial killer who scalps his victims. Joe Spinell helped make the story, and played the killer. In the remake the killer is played by Elijah Wood. Both horror films have been praised by fans of horror but which is better. For this I will talk about special effects, side characters, story, and finally the maniac himself. I hope you enjoy this. Now lets get started

1 Special effects

Now this is tricky sense both films have very good effects. The Original's practical effects still look good today, and the shotgun to the head scene is still awesome to see today. It helps that the gore master Tom Savini did the effects on this movie. Its probably some of his best work in horor. The remake has much more realistic effects, and the POV camera shot. The POV camera works very well,and the effects are very good. But there are times in both movies where you can tell the effects are fake so for this round. I think i will give it a draw.
Original 0.5 Remake 0.5

Side Characters

Now this is hard because both films have little side characters and dont really expand on the characters. Also both films Annas are ok characters but were both somewhat bland. We didnt get to learn that much about them. We knew some things but they never expanded on that. In the end they were the stereotypical last girl in horror. I guess I give it to the original because they tried something that the remake didnt do. In the original its heavily implied Anna may be a lesbien or bisexual, and I dont know why they didnt do that. So with that I the original wins in side characters

Original 1.5 Remake 0.5


This one is another hard one because each tell a very good story of Frank Zito. Both do a good job with chase scenes, and telling the backstory. But I have to give it to the remake for two reasons. One is some scenes in the remake have a dream like atmosphere that lets the audience put into their own perspective about whats wrong with Frank. And another thing that helps is the POV camera shot. We see more into his mind, because were seeing everything through his eyes. This helps by giving us more insight on his character

Original 1.5 Remake 1.5

The Maniac himself

Now it comes down to Joe Spinell vs Elijah Wood. Who is the better man-child maniac? well that all comes down to who do you find scarier. Spinell plays a much less emotional when he kills, and Wood plays a killer who always has emotion. For me personally. I like Elijah Wood better. Spinell is great but Wood wins for three reasons. 1. Spinell looks like a guy who kills but with Wood he doesnt look like someone who kills, and when he does finally snap it is terrifying. 2. When I see Wood onscreen he has the face that always looks like he is thinking about something. He looks like he has something on his mind all the time. Sometimes we know what it is and sometimes we dont know and it leaves it up tot the audicence. 3. We see everything through his eyes. The original can be a study of a maniac, but in this one you are the maniac.

Original 1.5 Remake 2.5

So in the end the remake of Maniac wins. Does that mean the original is bad? no Does that mean their are stupid things in the remake? Apsoluely. But in terms of remakes Maniac is one of the best ones. probably thee best sense John Carpenter's The Thing.

I hope you enjoyed this and give your thoughts on both movies and what do you think is better. Please be respectful when giving opinion though

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Which is the better movie?


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