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I first watched this film in my second year of University when I was studying film. Michael Haneke is an amazing director, he's made some great films such as Funny Games and recently Amour. He's a German director and well known for his great filmmaking and ideas that he puts in when making the film, from Cinematography to Editing.

Caché is a French film written and directed by Haneke about a family living their normal life in Paris. Georges Laurent (Daniel Auteuil) and his wife Anne Laurent (Juliette Binoche) and their son are happily living their lives. All of a sudden they start to receive a couple of surveillance tapes of there day to day whereabouts and in places where it invades privacy. The tapes eventually lead him to a guy which worked for Georges parents.

Pictures along with Tapes
Pictures along with Tapes

This film is a great thriller and ends with a question I sometimes want answered. However I really recommend this great French film and it's so easy to follow the story. Amazing camera work specially when they are being filmed under surveillance. And a big twist ending along with hidden surprises within the film.

Let me know your thoughts if you decide to watch it!!

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