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Ronnie Raymond, a maintenance worker at S.T.A.R. Labs and Dr. Caitlin Snow’s (Danielle Panabaker) fiancé, plays an integral part in the particle accelerator accident that transforms Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) into The Flash.

Great news everyone! Ronnie Raymond will be played by Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell's cousin!

Image from Variety
Image from Variety

Told you so! Last week, I published a post titled "What's Next For the DC Universe", in which I speculated a Firestorm appearance on the CW. Of course, I did not see Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer coming, but hey, I'm happy. In these past few weeks, we have heard about Katana, Count Vertigo and The Atom being cast, so this is yet another awesome piece of news!

DC's Justice League of America art
DC's Justice League of America art

I wrote in "What's Next For the DC Universe":

This is at the top of my list, since Arrow and The Flash are both hinting at it. Felicity Smoak will be Ronnie Raymond's step-mother, while Caitlin Snow will gain freezing abilities from an STU (don't ask me what it stands for) and fight Firestorm as Killer Frost. Plus the character(s) revolves around STAR Labs, so CW would be the best channel. Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch recently have been able to be two figures of Firestorm and combine to be the Fury. The Nuclear Men would need a higher budget for the effects, so a movie or even a TV movie would work better. A TV show would still be awesome, as long as the effects are as good as or better than the Flash.

Short character origin by Variety:

In the comics mythology, high schooler Ronnie Raymond was caught in a nuclear accident along with physicist Martin Stein, and the encounter fused them together as the nuclear-powered Firestorm. Since Stein was unconscious during the accident, Raymond was predominantly in control of his Firestorm form, while Stein provided a voice of reason inside his head.

Now we know that Robbie Amell will NOT be playing Batman, like Stephen Amell just threw out there a few months ago, when asked who he'd want to see play him.

A tweet from Robbie himself:

LOVE THIS. RT @IsaiahStephens: @RobbieAmell @amellywood Amells
From DC Comics' Trinity War
From DC Comics' Trinity War


Are you happy with this amazing news?

Source: Variety

"The Flash" premieres on October 7, 2014 at 8pm on the CW and stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash.

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