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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
Nikolas Hajiantonis

Remember the three words Unity Prosperity Sacrifice mention in the previous trailer for [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](movie:446261)? It seems like each one of them is going to be turned into a trailer. This one is about unity. Snow gives a speech about unity and this time Peeta wasn't standing alone, Johanna was there too. Here's the speech.

'Throughout this great nation, never have we been more unified because now more than ever. Panem is speaking with one voice. The Capitol and the District bound together in solidarity together as one forging a stronger future...

This time, however, Snow didn't get to finish his speech because Beetee hacked into Capitol TV saying "The Mockingjay lives". We all know that Katniss is symbolized as the Mockingjay. Why would someone bother hacking in a national channel just to say the world that Katniss is alive? Probably because someone told them she is dead.

Beetee also mentioned that they are in district 13. We knew that they were going there since Catching Fire. However Snow didn't know. Why would Beetee let him know? Now that snow knows won't he send an army? Maybe he wants to remind people of what happened in district 13.

Something else that bothered me is that why is Johanna only in the second broadcasting but Peeta was in both of them? In the ending scene of Catching Fire Haymitch said that both Peeta and Johanna were captured. Which means Johanna was available for the first broadcasting. Why wasn't she near Snow?

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Where is Effie in this? Is she going to support them? Did she know about this? Why wasn't she on the plane? I think that she did know about this and she is going to support them. However they need someone from the inside.

I suggest you check out this pages for the Hunger Games. They put hints sometimes. Hunger Games The Capitol Capitol Couture

Here's the trailer #2

P.S. This is just my theory based on this trailer.

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