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The original movie Dale and Tucker vs. Evil was hilarious, and put a twist on a well explored horror movie genre. And although little news has been announced about the possible 2015 sequel, I have a TWO interesting ideas for the horror movie genre to cut a flip on next!


Storyline - Dale and Tucker's grandfather leaves his grandchildren his mansion upon his passing. But at the same time, an aggressive Real-estate Agent/Developer, is trying to sell the land. As Tucker and Dale begin this story occupying the house the Real-estate Developer continuously tries to force them out. Over time, strange occurrences are happening on a paranormal level! But Tucker and Dale see the occurrences as attempts by the Real-estate Developer to force them out. But once the Real-estate Agent is found dead in their basement, while spirits are rampaging, Dale and Tucker begin to realize whats really going bump in the night. Now its up to Tucker and Dale to stop the Evil spirits and survive.


Storyline - Allison and Dale buy a house together, and Tucker is invited to stay in the guest room for the weekend, while his home receives some electrical repairs. The first night in the houseAllison leaves in the middle of the night undetected to meet with the Neighborhoods brainwashing secret society. Dale remains asleep, but Tucker wakes up in the middle of the night to pee, where he then sees Allison walking out of the house in a trance. Tucker follows Allison for some distance to where the opening of the secret societies lair is. He is then knocked out, and wakes up later in the morning. He tells Dale what he saw, but Dale convinces him it was a dream. Throughout the following day Tucker begins to find clues to what he saw that night. He confronts Dale once more about the subject, that in turn, leads to them fighting because Dale won't accept the facts. Next night, Tucker wakes up again to see a group of hooded men chanting in the back yard. He rushes in to get Dale to find him hand cuffed to the bed. Tucker gets him free and then finds the back yard destroyed and on fire. Dale then finds Allison unconscious with writing and bruises on her body. Dale then believes something evil is going on in the Neighborhood, just like Tucker said there was. But Dale still doesn't believe Allison is one of them, stubbornly, which helps carry on the comedy of his loving denial. And then it is up to Tucker and Dale to once again fight against Evil.


Which story line sounds better to your likings? If you have your own ideas or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.


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