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RoAnna Sylver

We all love movies, and the people who make them are brilliant. We look up to the actors, writers and artists who make our favorite stories come to life - but sometimes we forget that the fans can be amazing, creative and dedicated people too.

Today I was lucky enough to come across an amazing cosplay for the Disney feature film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.” Although it never reached the popularity of some of Disney’s better-known classics, Atlantis had some great things going for it, including gorgeous character designs. And we see them recreated here in loving detail from cosplayer Annakotsu (Kida - I couldn't find the Milo, sadly) and photographed by EBW Photography (who seems to specialize in photographing awesome cosplays like this one!

Check out this gorgeous detail, not only on the clothes, hair and makeup, but the handmade book straight out of the movie too! Cosplaying excellence makes my day every time.


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