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To Pull A Beyonce: Verb Phrase. "To release something with absolutely no warning, advertisement or fanfare and instantly have the world reading it and begging for more."

There's been a joke going around the internet for a while that the only other human being on the planet aside from Beyonce who could do this is Harry Potter author and literary queen of magic to millions, J. K. Rowling. And it looks like she did exactly this. Last night, the news broke that she released a short story, documenting the reunion of student freedom fighters "Dumbledore's Army" at the Quidditch World Cup Final - probably a timely occasion, as the soccer World Cup is in full force here in Muggle world.

The Daily Prophet article
The Daily Prophet article

I won't spoil it for eager readers, but I will share my favorite part:

β€œThe famous lightning scar has company: Potter is sporting a nasty cut over his right cheekbone.”

Fan speculation? "Headcanon that Neville punched Harry right in the goddamn face for naming his son Albus Severus." (This particular headcanon accepted.)

You can go read the whole thing at, or the "short story" link above!


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