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I think I'm one of the few comic book readers that encourage's film makers to change things from the comics. The reason I'm typing this article is because, I see so many comic book fan's say "Oh if it's not 100% like the comics it sucks".

And I think this is terrible mind set to have, the reason I like The Avengers wasn't because it was like the comics. It was because it was a good movie. On top of that I never read The Avengers so I can't tell you if it was pinpoint accurate.

Furthermore a great example of this is Singer's X-Men films, many die hard X-Men fans, (excluding myself), feel that they butchered the characters and they got nothing right, and they demand the yellow outfits, etc.

Don't get me wrong.... Cyclops in the 1st 3 X-Men films was the definition of butchering of a character. And i'm happy that they are re-doing Cyclops, Jean, & Storm in Apocalypse.

To conclude as comic book fans maybe we ALL should be more acceptable towards what happens in the movies. Besides if you want EVERYTHING to be like the comics why not just read the damn comics? Because iv'e got some bad news for ya.... the movies will NEVER be like the comics.


Do You Think Everything Needs To Be Like The Comics?


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