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Get your computers, tablets, and/or phones ready because the Flash is coming this October!

  • 10.7.14: The Flash Episode 1 "Pilot"

Here are the promos, if you haven't seen them!

  • 10.14.14: The Flash Episode 2 "Fastest Man Alive"

Rick Cosnett's tweet
Rick Cosnett's tweet

Super exciting! The title of the episode is really awesome, having been an old, but never hackneyed nickname of our Flash. It would even fit as a movie title--just saying!

Filming did/will start on July 11, 2014, just after they added someone to the cast: Robbie Amell as FIRESTORM/Ronnie Raymond.

Image made by Variety
Image made by Variety


Are you a fan of the "Fastest Man Alive" title? Are you excited for Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm's appearance?

  • 10.14 Month begins The Flash: Year Zero

Over in The Flash, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg will oversee the comic with Brooke Elkmeier and Katherine Walczak writing and art by Phil Hester and Eric Gapstur.

”Barry will be the Flash, he will have his team, everyone will be in that world, and we’ll introduce a new set of villains that we won’t be seeing on the TV show,” Kreisberg said.

Mr. Bliss, who first appeared in Starman, will lead the new rogues, a group of circus performers who gained super powers as a result of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion.

In the series, Bliss "has the ability to manipulate peoples' emotions," said Kreisberg. "He and his cadre of circus folk have decided that they've been pushed around long enough and are going to take it to society."

It was definitely inevitable! To see a new group of villains that is 't restricted by the budget in the comics will be awesome!


Will you be picking up/digitally purchasing The Flash: Season Zero #1 in October?


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