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Rose Moore

We've seen a couple of trailers, and now we can see the first extended clip from the upcoming action-thriller: Lucy!

This just-released clip takes a scene that we have seen bits of in the trailers, and gives us almost a full two minutes of it! While this doesn't reveal anything new in terms of plot, it gives us a great look at Scarlett Johansson's acting and character, and Luc Besson's awesome direction.

We start off with Scarlett's trademark sultry smile, but quickly see all expression leave her face, as she shows us an incredible portrayal of a merciless killing machine. There is just a hint of fear or hesitation in the final moments of the clip, and it is perfect; I can see that she will do a great job of giving the character real depth.

Besson delivers more of the amazing action that we have come to expect, with a great balance of action and suspense, and his inspired use of cuts and angles.

If the rest of the movie lives up to these few minutes, it is going to be an absolute roller coaster of awesome!


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