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Thus far, the trailers for Disney's [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) (inspired by the Marvel team of the same name) haven't revealed a whole lot about the movie, but knowing Disney, there is much more to come!

Thus far, we have seen some first look footage of San Fransokyo, and a little teaser of Hiro's designing and building a suit for Baymax.

San Fransokyo
San Fransokyo

Now, we can bring you some screengrabs from the new Japanese trailer, which has yet to be officially released (as soon as it is, you know you can find it here!).

From the looks of the images, we still aren't going to see any of the other characters (I personally cannot wait to see Honey Lemon in action...I wish my purse did that!!!), but will get to see more of the relationship between Hiro and Baymax.

Just look at them together? How cute is that hug?!

Is this how Baymax shows his feels? It would definitely make life easier if everyone wore their moods on their chest!

If Hiro's going to cry, then I'm going to cry, then we're all going to cry!

Big Hero 6 looks like it is going to be absolutely adorable, and with all the phenomenal promo for [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), I can't wait to see what Disney has up it's sleeve for this one too!


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