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Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been confirmed that Lt. Ripley will be in the Alien: Isolation video game and the character will be voiced by Sigourney Weaver herself! When you pre-order the game you get a free upgrade to the Nostromo Edition which gives you the "Crew Expendable" DLC that lets you play as Ellen Ripley. You also get to enjoy 2 other characters, Dallas and Parker.

Many of the original cast have returned to reprise their roles as well, check out the trailer below!

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Now, if you pre-order from select retailers like GameStop, you get a second DLC called "Last Survivor" which is a mission strictly for Ellen Ripley that takes place toward the end of the Alien movie. The DLCs play out as "What if?" scenarios, so don't worry, you don't have to follow the original movie beat for beat.

The game is out in October making its debut just in time for Halloween! Are you as excited as I am?!

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Is this the closest we'll ever get to seeing Sigourney Weaver in an ALIEN movie again?


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